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Lovina Water Hyacinth Straw Box Bag - with Tiered Tassels

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Handmade Water Hyacinth straw bag made from natural Water Hyacinth straws harvested locally from Java.

Water Hyacinth is a type of riverbank weeds that grow very quickly and often cause flood. To prevent flood, people used to harvest these plants and burn them, causing massive air pollutions. Today we work together with our artisans and local farmers to regularly harvest the overpopulating Water Hyacinth plants to help controlling the balance of river ecosystem.

It feels good to know that each of these Water Hyacinth bag, saves an area across Indonesia from flood.

Straw Bag Details:

• Width : around 12 inches
• Height : around 8 inches
• Depth :  around 4 inches
• Material : Natural Water Hyacinth harvested locally from Java

Due to the nature of handmade & natural goods each bags may have unique character and straws uniformity. These add to the beauty and uniqueness of each item.

Lovely pictures of Lovina Hyacinth bag by : Veronica