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Brunna Black Belly Straw Basket Bag - Pom-pom Basket, Nursery Basket


Beautiful double woven belly basket with lovely black pom poms, half dipped in black paint color. Our double woven sea grass Panier baskets are significantly more durable, much stronger, and maintain their sturdy shape. They are also more adaptive to weather, therefore ideal to use as plant holders.

These beautiful baskets are handwoven in Bali using natural materials from the beautiful island of Bali. These versatile baskets can be used for beach or as picnic bags, to stylish storage in your home: for living room, play room, and/or bedroom. Also perfectly safe to put in kids' or babies' rooms.

Our Belly baskets are lightweight and flexible. With stronger handles as we make extra looms on each handle, making them able to carry maximum amounts.

Our baskets dimensions :
• Weight : around 0.6 lbs
• Diameter : around 36 cm / 14.1 inches ( the belly / middle part ) 
• Height : around 30 cm / 11.8 inches
• Wool Pom poms : 10 counts
• Wool Pom Poms diameter : around 2 inches
• Seamless base area
• Designed to be unstructured
• Each strand of grass is double hand-woven to make it more durable